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It's not everyday that you find Vintage Haro bicycles.....let alone untouched from 30+ years ago. Below are some great finds and left to rest in their original condition. Enjoy.




I found this on Chicago Craigslist off a tip from a friend. I was a bit skeptical about its originality at first but when I received the bike I could tell it was original paint! I had heard about Haro doing a few pink bikes in '85 but didn't pay much attention until now. After some exhausting research I was able to reasonably conclude that Haro made 5 pink Sports & 5 pink Masters. This is the finest example of either to exist today! The bike appears to be brand new except the wear on the chainring so I believe that might have been swapped at some point since it is not correct to Haro production.



I found this gem on ebay! It wasn't this clean when I bought it but I could see a diamond in the rough. After a careful & meticulous cleaning what you see here are the results, a time capsule Chrome '85 Haro Sport. To find these bikes without the tires and grips dry rotted and basically disintegrating before your eyes is impossible these days.



This is the bike that started all of this for me, well not this specific bike but one just like it, a Blue '85 Haro Sport! I purchased this bike from a member of bmxmuseum.com who found it at a garage sale! This thing almost could be passed off as NOS except for a tiny bit of brake rub on the rear wheel! This is the one bike that will never leave my collection.





This is another ebay find. This '85 Green Haro Master is in truly amazing condition, from the soft Panaracer Freestyle tires to the hardly faded decals this Master was a great find! All of the survivors I have found just goes to show you that if you keep your eyes peeled there are great finds are out there still waiting to be snatched up!