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1984 Haro Sport Mike Dominguez tribute bike


The steep curve in the progression of freestyle riding in the early 1980’s gave rise to a relentless flow of radical new inventions. With the release of the Haro Freestyler in 1982, Haro Designs had set the standard for innovation, with a concept that would energize the scene and launch Freestyle BMX into the main stream. But in the spring 1984, another breakthrough moment in the history of our incredible sport would come to pass.


In the winter of 1983, Bob Haro welcomed a fourteen-year-old, Californian skate park prodigy named Mike Dominguez to his freestyle team. Mike D had risen through the ranks of the Vans team in the early 1980’s, developing his trade along side a talented group of young riders that included Woody Itson, Martin Aparijo, Eddie Fiola and his friend Brian Blyther. During his first months at Haro, Dominguez met with company head, and designer in chief Bob Haro to discuss an exciting new concept, a concept that would help to reinvent and redefine the future of vert riding. That concept would become the Haro Sport; the very first dedicated vertical trick bike.

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Within a month, Dominguez was seen blasting eight feet plus on an early prototype, known in folklore as the "Single Top tube Sport". In April of ‘84, Haro unveiled the Haro Sport as the Mike Dominguez signature model and Mike would become the first marketable athlete in the history of Freestyle BMX. The combination of Mike’s talent, and the vision and creative flair of Bob Haro had delivered a masterpiece. The Haro Sport would become a fixture in the Haro line up for many years to come, becoming the weapon of choice for the most advanced vert riders on the planet including future Haro stars Ron Wilkerson and Mat Hoffman.


In celebration of this milestone, Haro Bikes is proud to release the 1984 Haro Sport Mike Dominguez tribute bike. Built closely to the specifications that Mike rode back in the day, this bike becomes one of a series of iconic Haro models that will be released through the vintage program in the years to come.

Tribute 1984 Haro Master Cruisers


Here we have the tribute 1984 Haro Master cruisers; 30 years to the month since the first 20" Master was launched. This bike was specially built for flatland riders back in the day and now we're bringing it back as a cruiser for the kid still living inside each of us. These bikes represent the love we all have for the twin top-tube Master. Every fine detail has been added to these bikes: perfect replica dropouts, each Haro gusset measured to the exact millimeter, and tubing diameters just as they were when we first made these frames. Bringing the 84 Master into modern times, we’ve added an internal headset with a mid BB shell and 990 chainstay mounts.

These bikes are built to the highest level and spec; full 4130 Cr-Mo frame, fork and freestyle cruiser bar, plus MX 1000 front brakes with an Hombre rear. ODI Mushroom II grips with blue ribs help complete what’s already an amazing package. We’ve added an anodized blue, uni-directional chain wheel, complete with a polished alloy disc. To finish off this fine machine, we’ve added our new Lineage signature series cranks, pivotal seat, and stem.The 24" is available in two models; the first features a 36-spoke wheelset, complete with alloy hubs and double-wall rims. The second is a Limited Edition version, featuring original Skyway Tuff Wheels with anodized blue flanges to match the rest of the parts.


The 26" is available in a double-wall, 36-hole spoked wheel version only.

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