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Haro FST

1984 Haro FST


Haro introduced a third model into the lineup in ‘84 called the FST, which stood for Freestyle, Street and Track. These words appear under the FST model designation on the seatmast on all ’84s. This model was very similar to the ‘84 Sport except it was an inch shorter and the headtube and seatmast angles were steeper. Haro produced this model for the budget minded individual or someone who wanted a multi-purpose ride. The serial number format for this bike is as follows: the year ‘84, month of production, followed by the four digit production sequence. The serial number is located underneath the bottom bracket. This model was also only available in white.


1985 Haro FST


The ’85 FST remained basically unchanged for ’85 with the exception of one thing, the coasterbrake bracket was beefed up to eliminate cracking.


Haro did decide to make this model it’s most colorful though! In ’85 the FST was offered in chrome, white, day-glow red, neon green, and neon blue! The FST was Haro’s answer to an entry-level freestyle bike. The graphics remained basically unchanged for ’85 with the exception of the three accent stripes being changed to two. It still did not have any machining on the headtube or the bottom bracket and still hadn’t received the rear chainstay gusset, which the Master and the Sport both had.


The serial number for this model is located on the inside of the rear dropout and is in this format: 85 for the year, month of production, e.g.: 03 for March, followed by the four-digit production sequence number.

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