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The Freestyler

In the beginning, early in 1982, a totally new concept was unveiled to the BMX world, the first frame and fork kit designed specifically for freestyle!


Haro developed and marketed the first Freestyle frameset called the Haro Freestyler. The idea of this first freestyle frameset happened when Haro was riding for Torker in the late ‘70s. Torker manufactured this frameset for Haro and Haro marketed it with his own name and graphics. This was the first Freestyle frameset ever made and was sold as a kit which included the frame and fork. This was only available in chrome. It had innovative features never found on a BMX frame and fork before. It had a coaster brake bracket integrated into rear dropout. It also had innovative geometry to work well with Freestyle. The Haro Freestyler is a twin top tube frame with a large downtube. It has a gusset that is welded under the downtube to the headtube for added strength. The headtube is machined for strength as well.


There are two generations of this frameset, the second is differentiated from the first by one major change, the headtube gusset on the early framesets (mostly built in ’82) is not welded around the headtube underneath the gusset. With this new innovation Haro was able to show the world a whole new concept; BMX Freestyle.

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